YSL Black Opium Dossier.co Fragrance 2023 Review

    ysl black opium dossier.co
    ysl black opium dossier.co

    There are so many French luxury brands for women. Saint Laurent Paris is an outstanding brand, known for its ready-to-wear YSL Black Opium Dossier.co products for men and women. The famous French stylist Yves Saint Laurent, and his fashion business colleague Pierre Berge developed this fashion house, decades back.

    SAS Official Website

    YSL’s official website is yslbeautyus.com. This site is majorly famous for women’s products. The site has sections of fragrance, makeup, and skin care products. Let’s review each of the fragrances they have introduced in the Black Opium collection. The nicest thing about this yslbesuty website is that there is a remark and review section.

    If you seek to shop for any product from this official site, you can examine the ratings of the product first. By going through all the comments and reviews, making your decision will become an easy task.

    Even you can register yourself on the site, and after adding your idol products to your cart, you can buy them online. Or else you can find the outlets of Saint Laurent on their site and visit them. Either you can enter the keyword of the product on a search bar given at the top of the homepage, for the products you are looking for, or else you can use the filter system.

    After purchasing your product, you also can upload pictures of your product and write an honest review about it.

    Before you got the website, there is a brief review about their fragrances.

    1. Black Opium Eau De Parfum 

    This was the interpretation of one of the previous collections of SAINT Laurent. It was launched in 2014, by the creators, Marie Salamagne, Oliver Cresp, Nathalie Lorson, and Honorine Blanc. This scent is more toward the spice with the expansion of coffee beans. The bottle of this spray is inspired by a dark night theme. According to the users, this spray lasts you for around six to seven hours. This spray  is available in the following volumes, and prices

    • 10ml for $30 US
    • 30ml for $78 US
    • 50ml for $104 US
    • 90ml for $130 US
    • 150ml for $162 US
    1. Black Opium EDP Intense

    Nathalie Lorson, Honorine Blanc, Marie Salamagne, and Oliver Crisp created this variant in 2019. This is the vanilla fragrance for seductive, and independent women. The main accords of Coffee, Jasmine sambac, and vanilla beans will increase the grace of a bold woman. Because this is an intense variant of the original, this should last longer than the original one. Right? According to user voting, this spray lasts for seven to eight hours. These beautiful spray bottles are available in only two sizes.

    • 30ml for $76 US.
    • 50ml for $100 US.
    1. Black Opium EDP Extreme

    This amazing Jasmine fragrance for women has introduced a year ago. An extra accord of cacao with coffee beans completes the heart notes of Black Opium EDP Extreme. As the name suggests, this variant is extreme in fragrance for audacious women. If we shed light on its longevity, it does not stay longer than the original Black Opium EDP. This spray also lasts for six to seven hours. You can buy this warm and spicy fragrance in these sizes

    • 10ml bottle costs $30 US.
    • 30ml bottle costs $78 US.
    • 50ml for $104 US.
    1. Black Opium EDP Illicit Green 

    This is the latest edition of YSL house in the black opium collection. It was launched in 2022. The perfumer behind this scent is Nathalie Lorson. If you wear this floral scent, you will immediately smell like a leaf and pear. In a matter of minutes, the fragrance will express its olfactory notes which are: Jasmine, fig, and orange blossoms. In the very last hours, it will whirl into vanilla and coffee accord. This variant nailed the longevity quality. It lasts longer than any other Black Opium EDP. Users claimed that they keep sensing the scent after eight hours of applying this spray. This variant comes in the following sizes and costs

    • 10ml for $30 US.
    • 30ml for $78 US.
    • 75ml for $115 US.
    1. Black Opium EDP Neon 

    Black Neon was launched in 2019. The person nose behind this creation is a senior perfumer, Nathalie Lorson. An adrenaline coffee that gives freshness to four breaths. While maintaining the main accords of black opium EDP, this spray has additional base notes of vanilla and musk. Heart notes are fresh orange blossoms, dark coffee beans, and beautiful white Jasmine. This variant is weak in long-lasting than other EDPs. It only stays on the skin for only four to five hours, according to ratings. This spray comes in only two sizes.

    • 30ml for $46 US.
    • 75ml for $72 US.
    1. Black Opium Home and Away Bundle

    Saint Laurent offers a set for their fans. This set contains two products. One is a 90ml bottle of Black Opium Eau De Parfum and a 10ml bottle of Black Opium EDP.

    1. Black Opium Gift Set

    Another gift deal is available on Saint Laurent’s official site. This set also contains two products, one is an iconic Black Opium spray in a 1oz bottle and the other product is a travel spray of Black Opium in a 0.33oz bottle. If someone is a nomad around you, this can be the best gift for them. You can gift this to any gender for only $132 USD.

    Black Opium other Products 

    • Black Opium Hair Mist

    This hair mist is ornamented with oils which can make your hair softer and smoother. This is a complete nourishment for your hair which gives you a refreshing coffee smell on your scalp.

    • Black Opium Body Lotion

    Women cannot smell better than flowers. Right? A delightful creamy lotion for women that is full of vanilla and coffee scents. It has a jelly texture with a seductive ultra-feminine fragrance. The Worth of this lotion tube is $50.

    Final Thoughts

    Fragrances are the celebrations of memories. Women know the worth of flowers and they are always ready to smell like one. If you are one of those women, who never get bored of blossoms, then this collection is for you!

    I genuinely loved yslbeautyus.com. This brand is made for free-bold women. After reading the price and a brief review of their fragrances, you can decide by yourself which of the above ones can become your signature scent.

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