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7 Habits Of A Poor Mindset To Avoid For A Better Financial Future

The single most powerful asset we all have is our mind. 

If it is trained well, it can create enormous wealth

Robert T. Kiyosaki (“Rich Dad, Poor Dad”) 


Being rich or poor isn’t just about accumulating wealth, it is also a matter of mindset. Poverty is not just a lack of money. It is a way of life in which there are continuous limitations. And, as it turns out, many of them exist only in the head. And though every day is filled with different words and actions, not all of them have a positive impact on wealth. Differences in thinking build the real mentality gap between those with a rich and poor mindset. People with a poor mindset aren’t necessarily people who live in poverty, but they often live from paycheck to paycheck and make ends meet. Today we will talk about seven habits that keep people from being wealthy. 

Mismanaging Finances And Not Investing

The strategy of a person with a poor mindset is to earn money live from paycheck to paycheck and spend everything. Otherwise, people with a rich mindset consider money as a tool for investing money and multiplying capital. People with a rich mindset are not necessarily those people who have managed to earn a lot, but people who have learned to manage their finances wisely. To master the skill of money management, start with creating a budget, putting aside your money, and learning how to invest in a real estate or stock market. Having passive income or passive income is a great financial backup plan. It helps people be less vulnerable to corporations and make money work for them. 

Not Taking Actions Toward Your Goals

One of the most critical differences between a rich and poverty mindset is that people with a rich mindset are solution-oriented. They don’t only set (financial) goals, but overcome the essential fear of failure and take consistent steps toward attaining their goals. They are focused on finding solutions and doing targeted action rather than finding excuses and procrastinating. They don’t think the world owes them something. And people who don’t end up wealthy often wait for the right moment to start a new project or do something else. They wait for new opportunities to come to them instead of creating them on their own.

Having A Scarcity Mindset Rather Than Looking For New Opportunities To Earn Money

It’s a big mistake to skimp on everything with the expectation that it will lead to financial wealth. Dipping into savings and cutting costs don’t let people focus on creating new income streams. Of course, there isn’t anything bad about rational saving (for example, you cut expenses on gambling at Vave Casino), but it’s wrong to focus solely on cutting costs. The priority must be increasing your income and transforming your skills into additional money. 


Comparing Yourself To Other People With Jealousy

Some have already managed to open and establish their own business, and some are still weaving in the tail. While such situations motivate some people to embrace the competition and celebrate the successes of other people, other people feel jealous about it. Though jealousy is a competitive feeling, it won’t get you ahead of others. To adapt to a better future start celebrating and blessing the successes of other people and focus only on your progress. If you see other people succeed, be positive and learn from them. 

Short-Term Thinking

People with a poverty mindset prioritize short-term goals and immediate gratification. Lack of vision and desire to improve and develop, clearly demonstrate the consumerist attitude to life. Part of the rich mentality is the willingness to work hard for long-term goals and sustainable generational wealth.

Fear Of Failure

Failures can be disappointing. However, people with a rich mindset consider setbacks and failures as a chance to improve themselves and learn new lessons. People with a poor mindset often don’t act because of fear and are afraid to fail. Setbacks paralyze them. That’s why they are often worried about taking calculated risks and investing money. In general, a negative outlook on life is detrimental to the financial condition. Fear of setbacks can be a consequence of destructive criticism the person has experienced. 

Blaming Other People For Your Failures And Financial Situation 

People who aren’t ready to take responsibility for their mistakes blame everyone around them for their failures and troubles. It is hard for them to admit their mistakes and take responsibility for their future. Such thinking is just a disguise for unwillingness to develop and improve yourself.

How Do You Go From A Poverty Mindset To A Rich Mindset?

Though the rich mindset doesn’t make people rich on its own, it helps them create a better life and enjoy financial freedom. If you have spotted the signs of a poverty mindset in your day-to-day life, consider it as a chance to improve. Start thinking positively, expand your financial knowledge, create a financial plan, boost your self-esteem, and always look out for new opportunities. Moreover, don’t forget to improve yourself spiritually and bless other people who surround you. 


Embark on a journey of financial self-improvement without too high expectations. To implement new habits and avoid old ones you need to make small steps towards a new mindset daily. Shifting into a rich mindset and achieving financial stability takes time, but it pays off. As soon as you adopt it, you’ll open the door to a world of self-improvement, new possibilities, and, in turn, wealth.


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