Europe lockdown: Which countries are in lockdown? Full list

Ireland and Ukraine

Ireland will continue to face lockdown measures until April 5.

The Taoiseach Michael Martin said: “With a week to go to the fifth of April we will announce what we’re planning to do in April and we have already said that we’re going to look at construction, outdoor activity and quality of life issues for people.

“We understand how difficult this is for many, many families, for many people, for many businesses, but I think we’re all agreed now that we must proceed cautiously.

“There is no point opening up and having to close again and we want to do this in a sensible way.”

Ukraine’s capital Kyiv also faced new restrictions on Saturday with most shops shutting and people urged to work from home.

The lockdown began on March 20 and is expected to continue through to April 9.

The move was made in response to the rising rates of Covid infections and hospitalisations after 1,070 new infections were reported on March 19.

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