Fitness and Menstruation: Is It Possible to Train During Menstruation and How to Do It Correctly?

    Even though menstruation is painful for many, hormonal changes help to cope with any pain and restore muscles after active training. If you are interested in whether it is worth doing fitness during menstruation, then this article will be useful to you.  


    We all know that during menstruation, mood drops, and emotions change quickly. If you want to relax and have fun without leaving a warm bed, then visit Vave online. Well, we are starting our article!


    What Is Happening to Your Body?

    When you have your period (and even a week after it), you are like a man. At this time of the cycle, the female hormones estrogen and progesterone are very low, which is why your body looks like a man’s. At least in terms of metabolism. This is stated by Stacy Sims, Ph.D. from Stanford (for a moment), who studies the effect of menstruation on athletic activity.


    “It’s such an implicit hormonal shift, but it’s already enough to make you feel stronger and more resilient,” says Stacy, whose research began with simple curiosity (she felt the influence of hormones during a triathlon).


    The study showed that at this time of low hormonal activity, women also recover faster and are not so susceptible to pain. Why? One theory is that the body is relaxed in preparation for conception. “You are more relaxed, so all systems work for your benefit.”


    “An Angry and Swollen Woman Does Not Want to Train.”

    If you think that during menstruation you just need to take a break from the gym by throwing a cake with beer – this is a mistake! Not so fast. Studies have shown that these side effects do not affect performance in the gym. Probably, you should not go to a cycling class or train for strength, but you can cope with your usual loads. If we are talking about endurance training, then this phase does not affect them. Even when hormones are at their peak, you can still cope with the usual load.


    How to Train if You Don’t Have the Strength?

    But if you feel really bad (sluggish and worthless), you can just walk along the track instead of interval training. Instead of advanced yoga, go to Pilates. And in general, you can skip one day. Scientists from a German sports institute studied women who lifted weights every third day during two phases of the cycle and compared them with those who lifted weights only once a week during hormonal peak and every other day during low hormones. Women from the 2nd group, who scored on training during the peak, increased their strength indicators (remember, I keep saying that weights should be increased, otherwise the body will get used to it and stop reacting?) by 32.6%, and the lifters from group 1 increased the indicators by only 13%.


    Therefore, it is important to think over your training plan depending on the cycle. Lift heavy weights when you feel good, and lower them when you feel bad.


    Hormones Have Soared 

    (From the Beginning of Ovulation to the Day Before Menstruation (If You Take a Cycle of 28 Days, Then It’s From 15 to 28 Days)

    Do you feel sluggish? Skip the hall. If you still want to go, go to the pool or do light yoga. If you can’t sit still, it’s better to just take a walk in the park or on the beach (where you live there). Reduce, in short, the intensity, remove the approaches, but do not lower the weight. Instead of intervals, light cardio.


    You can skip a day just before your monthly period, or you can lose weight and increase repetitions, or you can do nothing with the scales. As you feel. Focus on healthy fats in your diet (after all, you will pull on sweets), and keep proteins and carbohydrates in balance. Drink plenty of water and eat less salt at night. The water in the body will be delayed due to estrogen, so do not force the body, but do everything wisely.


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