King Charles left Balmoral Castle untouched after Queen's death bar some slight changes


    Royal fans have been given a glimpse of the inside of Balmoral Castle for the first time since the Queen’s death last month thanks to a newly released picture of King Charles. In it, Charles is standing with Linda Dessau, the first female governor of Victoria, Australia, in Balmoral Castle’s library.

    Charles welcomed Linda to the Castle last week before posing for a snap with her. Both are surrounded by treasures the Queen once adored.

    The photo allows fans to see how much – or how little – the room has changed since the late monarch frequented the Castle.

    While comparing this photo with an earlier one taken in 2017, which depicts the Queen meeting with Canadian Governor General Designate Julie Payette, it is evident that the library hasn’t changed much at all. 

    It hasn’t even changed much since the 1970s – a picture taken in 1977 of the Queen and Philip shows that the room’s furniture has stayed in the exact same place over the decades.

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    The changes Charles has made to the room include the adding of the red leather chairs, and updating the cushions.

    While the Queen lived in Balmoral, there were green armchairs, which matched the sofa, instead of the red chairs.

    There was also a desk in the corner of the room, which wasn’t there in the picture of Charles and Linda.

    The Queen was a fan of green and green sofas, chairs, and carpets have been seen inside other rooms in Balmoral.

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    In one of the last photos taken of the Queen before her death, she is standing in a large drawing room with two large green sofas on either side of her.

    Cream cushions with green and pink flowers on them decorate the upholstery.

    In the middle of the room is a large fireplace and a marble mantelpiece, adorned with a large gold clock and two candelabras.

    On the walls there are huge golden-framed paintings, and a chandelier hangs from the ceiling.

    The Queen might have wanted Balmoral Castle to be decorated with green hues due to the calming quality of the colour, according to colour psychologists.

    Experts from said: “For many people, the colour green has strong associations with nature. It is often described as a refreshing and tranquil colour.”

    “Green is also thought to relieve stress and help heal,” they added.

    This would make sense as the Queen would often visit Balmoral for some peace and quiet – preferring to spend time in nature and with her animals while she was there.


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