Nicola Sturgeon blasted over 'absurd ideas' on how to spend Scot taxpayers' money


    Nicola Sturgeon has come under fire for coming up with “more and more absurd ideas” to shell out Scottish taxpayers’ money on areas outside her remit. Scottish Tory MSP Stephen Kerr hit out at the SNP leader over plans for a “feminist foreign policy”.

    The First Minister is said to be determined to boost Scotland’s profile and activities around the world despite foreign policy being reserved to Westminster rather than a devolved matter.

    Mr Kerr said: “The SNP are creating more and more absurd ideas to attempt to spend Scottish taxpayers’ money on reserved areas.

    “Instead of a ‘feminist foreign policy’ how about ‘trains that run on time’ or ‘hospitals that meet A&E targets’?”

    It comes as the Scottish Government consulted academics and activists on a “feminist foreign policy”.

    But the findings, published yesterday, suggest it could be a minefield due to disagreements over what is regarded as “feminist”.

    Those taking part in the consultation said “peace, justice, equality, wellbeing and the environment” are at the centre of a “feminist foreign policy”.

    They also said it was not just about women but all “marginalised groups”.

    Opposition to nuclear weapons was among the policies labelled as “feminist”.

    But they warned the move is likely to face resistance from critics who view it as “wishy-washy”.

    The report said: “Some will view it as being ‘gentler’ and it is therefore perceived as more ‘wishy washy’ or not as a serious approach.”

    Disagreement over what policies are “feminist” has prompted the Scottish Government to set out its own definition.

    It said: “While foreign policy currently remains the responsibility of the UK government, there is a clear role for Scotland in being a good global citizen and making a constructive contribution to addressing global challenges.

    “We believe that the Scottish government can make a significant contribution to advancing the core principles of feminist foreign policy.

    “There is no single definition of feminist foreign policy… in the coming months, the Scottish Government will develop its own ‘working definition’ of a feminist approach to foreign policy in Scotland which will be based on our conversations with stakeholders.”

    It comes as Ms Sturgeon is pushing for a second Scottish independence referendum.

    The SNP leader is eyeing up a fresh vote in October 2023 – after Scots rejected breaking away from the UK in 2014.


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