We WON'T back down: Furious Lord Frost tears VDL's Brexit intervention apart

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Britain has been calling for a fix to the Northern Ireland Protocol, describing the creation of a border down the Irish Sea as “unsustainable” in the long run.

Unionists in Northern Ireland have accused the measures, implemented as part of the Brexit withdrawal agreement, of impacting trade from Britain to the province.

But Ms von der Leyhen has rejected calls for the Protocol to be replaced, saying there is “no alternative”.

Reacting to the remarks, Lord Frost accused the EU leader of refusing to appreciate the impact the Protocol was having on ordinary people.

He told the House of Lords: “We noted the comments of the Commission President earlier this week.

“The Protocol does rely on the support of all the communities of Northern Ireland so it is disappointing there wasn’t more recognition from her of the impact the operation of the Protocol is having in Northern Ireland.

“We continue with our discussions and hope to find pragmatic solutions.”

Lord Frost indicated he intends to confront the EU on the issue when the Withdrawal Agreement Joint Committee meets to discuss Brexit next month.

His criticism of Ms von der Leyen echoed similar remarks made by the Prime Minister’s official spokesman earlier this week.

The No10 official said on Tuesday the UK was focused on “protecting the Belfast agreement, the Good Friday agreement, in all its dimensions”, but blamed Brussels for not having the same commitments.

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