11 best non-alcoholic gins in the UK for 2021


    Best non-alcoholic gins in the UK for 2021

    Best non-alcoholic gins in the UK for 2021 (Image: Amazon)

    For whatever reason, you may have decided it’s time to cut back on or cut out entirely your alcohol intake. Regular drinking can be a slippery slope, and regularly drinking too much can have some pretty severe effects on your physical and mental health.

    Overindulging in alcohol can result in tiredness, dull skin, weight gain, and low moods – and they’re only the short term effects.

    The long term effects of excess alcohol consumption are even scarier.

    But cutting out alcohol is far easier said than done, as so much of our social lives and downtime is enjoyed with a cold glass of booze in hand.

    Instead of putting a stop to this part of your life entirely, make it easier for yourself by switching over to an alcohol-free alternative.

    Thanks to the number of people who have already made the switch to a no-alcohol or a low-alcohol lifestyle, top brands like Gordon’s, Tanqueray, and Siegfried have recognized the value of having delicious, realistic non-alcoholic spirits as an alternative.

    As gin is the UK’s favourite spirit, it makes sense that this would also be the top category for alcohol-free alternatives, and there are several truly delicious options available in 2021.

    If you tried a non-alcoholic gin a few years ago and were put off by the deeply unrealistic and downright disgusting taste, rest assured that these drinks have come a long, long way in recent years and are barely distinguishable from the real thing.

    For 11 of the UK’s best alcohol-free gins in 2021, keep scrolling.

    CEDER'S Classic Non-Alcoholic Distilled Spirit

    CEDER’S Classic Non-Alcoholic Distilled Spirit (Image: Amazon)

    Although this drink markets itself as a spirit rather than a gin specifically, the blend of exotic botanicals, juniper and herbal notes give it a distinctly gin-like taste that’s undeniable.

    The top notes of juniper, coriander and rose geranium mixed with fresh water allow the beverage to be sweet and refreshing without being full of sugar and additives, so you can wake up feeling fresh as a daisy in the morning.

    Juniperl Alcohol Free Gin

    Juniperl Alcohol Free Gin (Image: Amazon)

    Not only will this funky, modern bottle look great on display, it also tastes delightful.

    Juniperl tastes just like a cool glass of gin while being booze-free and low in calories – so you can have as many as you feel like.

    The founders created this gin-alternative following a nasty hangover, so they know exactly how it feels to wake up with big regrets from the night before.

    With that in mind, they made this alternative using botanicals such as juniper berries, cardamom, cassia, rosemary, and grapefruit so you can still enjoy the night without ruining the next day.

    CleanCo Clean G Rhubard

    CleanCo Clean G Rhubard (Image: Amazon)

    Pink gins have an especially special place in people’s hearts, which makes it even harder to retire – despite your best intentions.

    Not only are pink gins high in alcohol, but they’re also usually high in sugar and calories, which can really add up if you’re drinking a few a week.

    Not only is this pink gin from Clean Co alcohol-free, but it’s also free from sugar and sweeteners and low calorie, so you can really have as many as you’d like.

    Distilled with tangy rhubarb and crisp juniper, this refreshing gin alternative gives you the same great taste of pink gin with none of the post-session guilt.

    Ginsin Strawberry Gin

    Ginsin Strawberry Gin (Image: Amazon)

    You don’t have to say goodbye to sweet, strawberry flavoured cocktails with this alcohol-free strawberry flavoured gin from GinSin.

    One happy reviewer said it “tastes like the real thing! I’m a gin lover but can’t drink due to medication following a stroke so this was a well-earned pleasure”.


    STRYKK NOT GIN (Image: Amazon)

    No sugar, no fat, and certainly no alcohol, this spirit alternative has been blended with juniper, berries, basil, coriander, and rosemary to create a truly authentic tasting replacement for London dry gin.

    The taste is so similar to the real thing because it’s distilled using traditional methods before the alcohol is removed, so you get all the usual flavour with none of the ABV.

    Pentire Adrift

    Pentire Adrift (Image: Amazon)

    An unusual yet delicious concoction of rock samphire, sage, Pentire plant blend, citrus, and cornish sea salt produce a complex and citrusy spirit that is the perfect addition to an alcohol-free gin and tonic water.

    Siegfried Wonderleaf

    Siegfried Wonderleaf (Image: Amazon)

    An alternative to Siegfried’s iconic Rheinland Dry Gin, this spirit is perfect for both cocktails, on the rocks, mixed with sparkling water, and your standard G&T’s.

    Using purely natural botanicals, this gin-alternative is vegan, sugar-free, vegetarian, and entirely non-alcoholic.

    Seedlip Grove

    Seedlip Grove (Image: Amazon)

    Seedlip is known for its premium and delicious alcohol-free alternatives to iconic spirits, and this one is no different.

    The zesty and refreshing blend is perfect for summer cocktails with orange peel and citrus flavours leaving you with a blood orange, almost spicy taste.

    Caleño Light & Zesty Tropical Non-Alcoholic Spirit

    Caleño Light & Zesty Tropical Non-Alcoholic Spirit (Image: Amazon)

    Distilled with berry, pineapple, juniper berry, green cardamom, and lemon peel, this alcohol-free gin alternative makes sure you’re still having fun while you’re not drinking.

    CleanCo Clean G

    CleanCo Clean G (Image: Amazon)

    We couldn’t resist adding another CleanCo gin alternative to the list, because they’re just that good.

    If pink gins aren’t your cup of tea, go for this one from their range instead.

    The full-flavoured alcohol-free spirit is modelled after London Dry Gin, and fans say they can barely taste the difference between this and an alcoholic drink.

    Tanqueray Alcohol-Free Spirit

    Tanqueray Alcohol-Free Spirit (Image: Drink Supermarket)

    Inspired by Tanqueray’s iconic gin, this alcohol-free alternative is perfect for those who still want full-bodied flavour from an iconic gin brand – just without the alcohol.

    Serve with your favourite tonic just like you would the original Tanqueray, and enjoy.

    Gordon's Alcohol-Free Spirit

    Gordon’s Alcohol-Free Spirit (Image: Tesco)

    Enjoy the bold, juniper led flavour you’ve come to expect when you drink Gordon’s – minus the hangover inducing alcohol.

    Able to be used in place of gin everywhere you like, whether it be in a cocktail, over ice, or as part of a G&T and enjoy the expertly blended beverage without the booze.

    Buy: Tesco (£14) 


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