5 of the Best Healthcare Careers


    Healthcare is a rapidly growing career field with many opportunities. It can be challenging to know what career suits you best. It is especially true when you have several choices. Depending on your interests and background, there is a healthcare position that can use your talents and knowledge. Here are five of the best healthcare careers today to give you some ideas.

    1. Nurse Practitioner

    A nurse practitioner is a registered nurse with advanced training and can prescribe medication, perform physical exams, and authorize treatments. Most nurse practitioners specialize in certain areas, like pediatrics or women’s health. Nurse practitioners are also paid well, with many making six figures. To become a registered nurse, try an online or in-person nursing degree. If you do not have the time to take classes in person, online courses are possible and sometimes are more cost-effective.

    2. Physician Assistant

    These assistants work under a doctor. They can diagnose illnesses, assist with surgeries, guide patients and develop treatment plans. While their work sounds very similar to a doctor’s, they must collaborate with a physician to practice. Collaboration is essential when considering a career as a physician assistant. While you can prescribe medication and perform everyday medical tasks, some regulations interfere with PA’s ability to practice to their fullest extent. While you can prescribe medication and perform everyday medical tasks, some regulations interfere with PA’s ability to practice to their fullest extent. In terms of compensation, the average physician assistant salary is a little more than $100,000 per year depending on where you practice.

    3. Speech-Language Pathologist

    These doctors help people learn or relearn speech and language. They can work with children, babies, stroke victims, and anyone with speech or swallowing difficulty. These pathologists are also called speech therapists and can work with someone to improve communication. There is a high satisfaction rate with this career, and many find it rewarding to assist patients with communicating clearly or relearning speech.

    4. Anesthesiologist

    These doctors are in charge of administering anesthesia and monitoring a patient’s vitals during surgery. This career requires quick thinking and confidence, as anesthesiologists monitor critical life functions during every part of a surgery. Sometimes a rapid decision is necessary based on limited data. A lot of knowledge is required to be successful in this profession. You must know how to administer a combination of drugs and gasses so that the patient does not feel discomfort during surgery and support breathing. If you are willing to take on a stressful yet rewarding career, anesthesiology may be what you want.

    5. Physical Therapist

    If you want to work with patients with physical issues due to injury or neurological trauma, physical therapy could be rewarding. Therapists evaluate a patient and create a therapy plan. These treatments can include exercises to improve mobility, muscle strength, or range of motion. Physical therapists must also educate the patient and explain ways to keep their motion and mobility up. Therapists will also consult with other healthcare professionals to ensure the patient gets the most holistic care possible.

    Healthcare is a rewarding career and has many opportunities. The correct combination of education, training, and determination makes succeeding in your chosen field possible. These five careers are only some of the dozens you can choose. Research to see what profession best suits your goals.

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