5 Top Attractions In Inverness


    If you are planning a trip to Inverness there are a few attractions that you will not want to miss. Inverness is a beautiful part of the world and you could spend plenty of time taking in the stunning views, historic buildings and delicious food.

    If you do decide to go to inverness, there are plenty of great places to stay during your trip and you can find the perfect base for your break with these Inverness hotel deals.

    Here are the top attractions to visit:

    #1 Inverness Castle

    In the heart of this city, sitting on top of a picturesque hilltop that overlooks the river, it is hard to miss Inverness Castle. You can also spot fantastic views of this structure when you walk alongside the river.

    The red sandstone edifice of today dates back to 1836, even though this castle was already standing at this exact location since 1057. Until 2020, this castle was in use as a court, but there are now plans to open this historical structure as a destination for tourists.

    There are still a few things to do when visiting Inverness Castle. To begin with, you can wander these grounds free of charge. Or you can pay a small fee to visit the North Tower of this castle that offers views of the surrounding countryside and the city.

    #2 Ness Islands

    The River Ness runs directly through Inverness, which links the world-renowned Loch Ness to the sea. When walking south along the bank of the east river from the city, when you follow the Ness Walk, you will come across a stunning old Victorian footbridge. This path connects to Ness Islands.

    There is also a small collection of islands in the middle of the river offering a great way to wander around nature. Some have a few large trees and they are all extremely peaceful and tranquil to visit. There is a way to cross between each island that leads to the western shore of this river. This brings you to another popular location up next in this guide.

    You can also choose to carry on with the Ness Walk which is along the western side of the river bank where you can return to the city. Ness Walk is a 1.9 mile (3.1 km) loop trail.

    #3 The Victorian Market

    If you love browsing around old picturesque markets or shopping, then the Victorian Market should be included in your list of attractions to visit in Inverness.

    This is a covered market that dates back as far as the 19th century. Since it opened, it has housed a wide collection of interesting independent retailers. Today, along with a selection of shops, you can also enjoy visiting a few cafes or services such as hairdressers.

    Even if you are not planning to grab a hot cup of coffee or buy a few local souvenirs, this is still a market that is well worth a visit since it is really picturesque inside. There is no entrance fee and the market is open daily. The website shows the opening times, but some of the individual retailers will have their own times when they are open and closed.

    There are also many other options when it comes to shopping in Inverness. It is also one of the best places to stock up when you have another trip planned to somewhere such as the Cairngorms or somewhere close to the North Coast 500. You can buy everything from outdoor supplies to groceries in Inverness.

    #4 Inverness Botanic Gardens

    When we visit Inverness, we always make sure we set aside enough time to visit the Inverness Botanic Gardens. It might not be the most popular attraction, but the displays are fantastic. There is also a great on-site cafe!

    This center includes 2 main indoor spaces, the Tropical House (always great to visit in winter), and the Cactus House. The outdoor gardens have other local plants displayed and they also sell many types of plants.

    #5 Abertarff House

    Dating back to 1593, Abertarff House is the oldest home in Inverness. This home witnessed a lot of history in the area, from the Jacobite Risings along with 2 world wars!

    This home is directly in the center of Inverness, and it is now operated and owned by the National Trust for Scotland. Visiting this monumental structure will give you an accurate idea of how life was in Inverness in the 1600s.

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