7 reasons why you should watch anime


    So you’ve probably heard a lot about anime over the years and maybe even watched a couple of episodes here or there. But you might not know that it’s an art form that deserves more attention than it gets. Anime is beautifully animated with vibrant colors and stunning visuals; each show takes place in its unique world, and every character has its own story to tell. If you’re looking for something new to watch on your next day off, check out this list of seven reasons why you must watch anime shows that are worth your time!

    1. Unique and interesting characters:

    Anime has a lot of well-developed characters, each one with its own story and unique personalities. Some anime characters have been selected to be favored by viewers according to their character traits such as strength, intelligence, beauty, etc., which reflect the same characteristics in the real world. Moreover, these characters are well-drawn and designed based on their personality and role, which enables the audience to become more involved in the story of each anime show.

    • Exciting action scenes:

    Anime has several thrilling action sequences that impact viewers’ minds and hearts. Each set is carefully designed according to a particular scenario, making one feel as if they are part of it. Moreover, anime is about fighting and wars; it also tells a story of friendship, love, and struggle for survival. As a result, viewers can get hooked on the show without them even realizing it! Anime shows will sometimes have a fight or action scene that spans several episodes. It is because there are usually one-on-one duels with the main characters going up against each other, and not everyone can just be knocked out in one blow! However, they display and showcase their excellent fighting skills and one-on-one combat competence; they also plot against the enemy simultaneously as they are on the battlefield.

    • A great variety of genres:

    Anime shows come in various shapes and forms that can suit many different tastes of viewers worldwide. Hence there’s something for everyone to enjoy, from romance stories to adventures to historical dramas: The list goes on! If you’re curious, check out your preferred genre on Netflix or Hulu! Some people like comedies, while others love action anime shows instead. There are plenty of different genres throughout the anime world, including every kind of story you could think of. For example, you can find adventure, comedy, drama, romance, magical, mecha, sci-fi, shoujo, a slice of life, supernatural, and tons more!

    • Every episode is only 23 minutes long:

    Anime episodes are typically around 20-30 minutes long, which is pretty short compared to your average full-length television show on American TV. Unfortunately, they also include advertisements, just like if it was airing on American TV, so either get ready for an ad every 10-15 minutes or look for an anime show on a website with no ads. Every episode is self-contained, so you won’t need to watch the previous episodes to understand what’s going on. Anime shows are typically stand-alone stories that will only have 1 season with anywhere between 26-50+ episodes. You may download any number of anime from rarbg, so it is available for you to watch anytime without interruption.

    • It teaches you about Japanese culture:

    Since anime is produced in Japan, it captures the essence of their culture and tradition. Each show takes place somewhere in the land of the rising sun, goes by their timezone (Japan Standard Time), and includes Japanese pop culture references (such as specific foods or games). When you watch enough anime shows, you’ll notice particular themes that most shows share. They usually include friendship, teamwork, family, and sometimes even romance! Some famous examples of these themes are ‘Naruto’ about a young ninja trying to become Hokage (the leader of his village).

    • Plot twists:

    Anime shows are known for having plots that twist and turn to keep you guessing so much that even the most experienced anime watchers can’t predict what will happen next. Every character has her back-story, and each show includes its unique world, unique trials and threats, and unique triumphs. Anime shows are fast-paced and feature a lot of action; each show has its own pace depending on genre, so if you don’t like one show, another might be the perfect fit!

    • Beautiful animations:

    Anime shows are known for their stunningly beautiful artwork. Anime characters are drawn in a way that makes them look aesthetically pleasing to viewers, and the locations, buildings, weapons, food – you name it! – will make you feel like you’ve been to this strange new world! Keep an eye out for long shots (where you can see the whole room/area) because these images help create the mood of each scene. Colors also play a significant role in setting the tone; dark colors emphasize the danger, while lighter tones suggest calmness or serenity. And don’t forget about symbolism (e.g., roses usually represent love), which is often found in anime shows. The anime world is bright, colorful, and vivid, with highly detailed backgrounds that make it seem like you’re actually in the front! Alongside amazing animation, fun camera angles are used to give off a cinematic feel. Every scene is filled with shadows and textures that contribute to its beauty; what you see on TV looks like art in motion!

    Conclusion: Most anime shows try to incorporate both a comedic and severe element throughout their episodes, so fans don’t get bored. Sometimes you need to watch something that makes you laugh and smile without worrying about being depressed at any point during the show. Watch it for whatever reason, but you will be hooked to the storyline and animation.

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