'A new chapter for Britain!' Mark Dolan welcomes coronation news as symbol of hope for UK


    Mark Dolan has celebrated the news of King Charles III’s coronation date as a “new chapter for Britain”, on GB News, even if it has to be a “Tesco value coronation” in light of the country’s recent economic struggles. Buckingham Palace has announced the ceremony will take place on Saturday, May 6 2023 and there are hopes of an extra bank holiday to allow people to “toast our new monarch”.

    The Queen Consort Camilla will also be crowned alongside her husband.

    Speaking on Tuesday evening’s show Mr Dolan said: “I’m a glass half full kind of guy, and there’s plenty to look forward to next year.

    “After what will be a challenging winter the economy is likely to pick up by spring.

    “Global energy prices appear to be on a downward spiral, and whilst Covid cases will no doubt rise in the next few months by next summer the pandemic will be firmly in the rear view mirror.

    “More good news, it’s been announced today that we have a date for the coronation of our new King and Queen, Saturday May 6.

    “With any luck the weather will be good and we’ll get a bank holiday to toast our new monarch.”

    Mr Dolan noted that the new King had been preparing for this role “for decades” and added that his mother Queen Elizabeth had been the best role model for him.

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    “Quite rightly King Charles, reading the room and acknowledging that the country is going through tough economic times, will make the coronation a slimmed down affair.

    “But even a coronation on a budget, a Tesco value coronation, will be streets ahead of anything else the world has to offer.

    “So set your dates as we celebrate a new chapter for the monarchy and a new chapter for Britain.”


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