A relationship needs more than just sex


    A happy long-term relationship is the dream of each of us. Would you like yours to last for years? Read these important rules and inspire yourself. This will greatly increase the chance to live your life alongside your partner, in harmony and with long-term satisfaction.

    Make sure that sex is good but remember that it is not everything

    It is very important that we make this clear for you. So, sex is truly important in any romantic relationship. You must not ignore this side because otherwise it can affect your relationship. Because men are not sexually satisfied in their relationship, they start dating an escort Parma. Yes, unfortunately there are lots of guys who date professional escorts because they are not satisfied with their intimate life anymore.

    Maybe the partner doesn’t want to have sex as often as they want, or maybe their partners are not open-minded to try certain fantasies. The reasons for a situation like this are multiple. Yet, one thing is sure and that is the fact that lost of men cheat. No matter how busy your life is, you should make time for intimacy. This will help you improve your intimate life and therefore your relationship will be happier and fulfilling.


    If you ask the couples who celebrated the golden wedding what held them together for years, what do you think they will answer? Love? Yes, it can not be without it, of course. But the important ability you will have to acquire for a happy relationship is perspective. You should learn not to take things too personally. Every relationship has problems. The idea is to know exactly how to solve them without making your partner feel bad. Do you really want to ruin all night for a stupid thing?

    Find out how to answer correctly, not to interrupt your partner, and not let his comments ruin your mood. There are situations when you simply need to let your partner have some space. This is actually highly recommended when both of you are upset and very stressed out. An intense conversation will not do good. In fact, it can affect a lot your relationship, which is why it is essential that you know when to offer space.

    Take care of yourself

    Many women think that if they already have a partner, this means they do not have to take care of them anymore. It doesn’t matter whether you go out or you stay at home. It is very important that you take care of yourself. Any man understands that you will not always look as good as on the first date, but to not take care of you is the way to hell! In this case, you should not be surprised if your man looks at other women. So, dear Lord, it’s time to start investing in you.

    Regularly go to a hairdresser, cosmetics, and manicure. Buy quality cosmetics for skin, body, and hair. Treat yourself with quality perfume or toilet water, and don’t forget to also use it at home! Go from time to time to the store and buy new clothes. Leave the old pants for work in the garden, but at home, strive to look beautiful! You will see how satisfied your partner will be and how he will take care of you. A woman who looks good is a woman who will be loved and appreciated by her partner.

    The art of spending time apart

    When two people form a couple, they want to spend every minute together. With time, however, this start-up period ends and everyone will begin to want certain independence and a bit of freedom. This can mean sports activities, time spent with friends on a weekend, without a partner. Especially men, they are the first to feel the need for their own space. Many times women do not understand and have the impression that the man does not love them, otherwise they would like to be with them!

    But this is not the case and wise people realize that freedom is part of each partnership. Let him go to a tennis match or to a pub with friends. You can organize an evening and for you, follow the series you constantly postpone or go to taste a wine with a friend. When you meet at home, you can talk about how it was and you will be happy to be together. You will look forward to reuniting with your partner and you will keep the spark in the relationship. Spending time apart once in a while, will actually improve your relationship.

    Shared experiences

    Of course, a good relationship needs common experiences. And there should be more such experiences than singular ones. You do not have to go on expensive vacations once every few months. It’s not about money. All you have to do is find time to cook dinner, go for an evening walk in town, and talk. Go a bike ride or simply take a walk, organize a meeting with friends, and visit the gallery, theater, and concerts.

    Paint the bedroom together with your partner or explore what new things from IKEA would fit your house. The idea is to learn how to share even small things and build on them. You may think you know your partner, but everyone changes and may have many surprises to reveal. You may discover that your husband is good at design, for example. All these little things will improve your relationship and the connection between you too.


    It is not a secret anymore that communication is the key to a happy relationship. Unfortunately, many people today do not know how appropriate communication should be. No one has taught them, they do not have an example in the family, nor do they actively try to do something in this regard. You should communicate with your partner about everything. After all, he should also be your best friend. If the connection between you is good, then you will sureley feel comfortable to talk about anything.

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