Adele weight loss: Diet plan singer followed to lose seven stone – how it works



    Adele shared a 20 second clip onto her Instagram yesterday, hinting at her new album. Fans rushed to the comments to comment on how excited they were for October 15 as well as comment on the singer’s transformation.

    One Instagram user, Rebecca Kimberley, said: “She’s back and looking better than ever.”

    Another person, Ivy Gill, commented: “Adele looks stunning from what we can see in the snippet.”

    One fan account, AdeleFandom, wrote: “Never been more excited, she looks gorgeous as ever.”

    Adele first showed off her slimmer physique last year and made a television appearance in October 2020 on SNL.

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    These are believed to help the body burn fat as well as boost the metabolism, contributing to weight loss.

    The plan is split into two different sections, with the first phase lasting one week.

    During the first week, slimmers must restrict calorie intake to just 1,000 for three days, consuming three green juices and one meal rich in sirtfoods.

    From days four to seven, calorie intake can be increased to 1,500 calories, where slimmers must drink two green juices and two meals a day.

    The second phase, which is known as the maintenance phase, lasts for 14 days and is where steady weight loss occurs.

    The authors believe the diet plan is a sustainable and realistic way to lose weight.

    Once slimmers have completed the plan, they are encouraged to continue eating sirtfoods and the diet’s signature green juice into their daily diet.

    The green juice, which is made from kale, celery, parsley, green tea and lemon is said to help boost the metabolism.

    It can also help provide the body with essential nutrients and vitamins.

    Foods permitted on the plan include kale, strawberries, onions, walnuts, matcha green tea and olive oil.

    Other foods allowed include blueberries, capers, Medjool dates and dark chocolate.

    Red wine is also allowed to be consumed in moderation.

    The Sirtfood diet has become a firm favourite of celebrities in Europe with the likes of Jodie Kidd and Lorraine Pascale all being fans.

    According to Healthline, the diet may work for weight loss because the foods are low in calories, but weight may return once returning to normal eating.


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