‘Aggressive’ Russia and China believe Joe Biden is ‘weak’ warns Sir Iain Duncan Smith


    The former Tory leader warned that the two superpowers are now working in a “very aggressive way” because of America. The American destroyer, US Laboon, has been operating with the British HMS Defender and the Dutch frigate HNLMS Evertsen in the Black Sea.

    On Wednesday, the US Laboon was “many hundreds of miles away” when the two other vessels travelled within 12 miles of Crimea’s shoreline, according to the Telegraph.

    The HMS Defender was reportedly confronted by Russian forces who warned the ship to move.

    A BBC journalist who was on-board the British warship said hostile warnings were being issued over radio by the Russian forces.

    One of the warnings issued by the Russians said: “If you don’t change course I’ll fire.”

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    “They think Biden is weak. He goes to Russia with all his rhetoric and comes back a pussycat.

    “Putin is laughing his head off.”

    Sir Iain added: “Biden isn’t behaving and showing his administration is strong on any of this stuff.”

    Russia annexed Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula in 2014 which had not been recognised by most countries.

    Sir Iain explained how Russia’s posturing in eastern Ukraine and China’s “bullying” of Taiwan show that they have been testing Mr Biden since he took office.


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