Air fryer pork belly recipe for 'crispy' roast takes just 55 minutes to cook


    A content creator has detailed a delicious-looking pork belly recipe that takes less than an hour to cook.

    Sharon, a mum-of-tree, posts to her 19.5K followers on her TikTok account @thesavorychopstick.  Sharon used the CRUXGG 6-in-1 9qt air fryer to make her pork belly recipe to create her pork.

    But before cooking it, she has to prepare it. The pork must be prepared for much longer than it needs to be cooked. The mum and influencer explained her method.

    How to make roast pork belly in the air fryer

    Dry your raw pork belly and poke holes all over the skin, Sharon explains.

    She goes on: “Cover with salt and wipe off after 20 minutes.”

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    Then, make one-inch wide shallow cuts on both sides of the meat, being careful not to cut through the fat.

    Sharon then combines chicken powder, five spice powder, black pepper, soy sauce and cooking wine.

    She said: “Combine all the ingredients and mix them. Then apply the marinade on the meat side only.

    “Flip the pork over onto some tin foil, spritz with vinegar, and wrap it like a present. Then, put it into the fridge for 48 hours, uncovered.”

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    After 48 hours the pork is ready to be cooked. Sharon said: “Cook at 300F (150C) for 40 minutes and 400F (200C) for 15 minutes.”

    One fan asked if it was possible to make the recipe without prepping the meat for 48 hours. However, Sharon warned against it. She said: “If the 48 hours is skipped skin won’t puff up.”

    One commented: “You lost me at leaving it for 48 hours. Nah man can’t wait that long to eat it.”

    Others were tantalised by the delicious-looking meat. One wrote: “I’m making this it’s my favorite, thanks.” Another bemoaned: “Why did I have to see this after I’ve already bought this month’s groceries.”

    “Wow, that looks delightful, mouth-watering. It looks beautiful,” one said.

    Another wrote: “I’ve been waiting for a recipe like this I can’t wait to make it.”

    Pork belly isn’t the only roast meat you can put in the air fryer. Air fryer roast chicken is a possibility too.

    In fact, one content creator has shared a “juicy and delicious” recipe for air fryer roast chicken. 

    She demonstrated how it was done to fans, and said: “This is super easy and it only takes an hour.”

    The chicken is cooked for 30 minutes at 180C, flipped over and then cooked for another 30 minutes at 180C.


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