Andy Murray explains biggest Wimbledon regret after crushing Denis Shapovalov defeat


    “These guys are great players, they hit huge balls and my game needs to be spot on if I want to compete. I’ve not had enough opportunities to do that.”

    Murray also pondered whether everything he’d put himself through was worth it.

    “There is a part of me that feels a bit like I have put in so much work the last three months and, you know, ultimately didn’t play how I would want and expect, and it’s like is it worth it?” Murray said.

    “Is all of that training and everything that you’re doing in the gym, you know, unless you’re able to like practice and, you know, improve your game and get matches and continue, get, you know, a run of tournaments, like, is it worth all of the work that you’re doing?

    “You know, there is part of me that feels like, yes, it is, because I had, you know, great memories and stuff from this event and playing in some brilliant atmosphere.

    “But then, also, I finished the match tonight and I’m saying to my team, I’m like, That’s just — yeah, I’m just not happy with how I played.


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