Andy Murray joins crowd of critics in condemning 'pathetic' 1% NHS pay rise plans


    The 34-year-old two-time Grand Slam winner came spoke after his victory in the second round of Wimbledon on Wednesday. In March, Boris Johnson announced health care workers will be receiving a pay increase, describing it as “as much as we can give” in these “tough times”.

    Many rushed to Condemn the Government’s decision and, in the beginning of March, nurses prepared to go on strike over the issue.

    The Royal College of Nursing called the pay rise “pitiful” and asked for 12.5 percent increase as many nurses were feeling underappreciated during the pandemic.

    “I think the whole country kind of realised how important they all are, and maybe hadn’t got the recognition that they probably deserve up until now,” Andy Murray said.

    “So, yeah, it’s fantastic that they have been able to come along and watch some of the tennis. Hopefully they can enjoy it and, yeah, hopefully the politicians can realise that they deserve more than what they are getting paid just now.

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    “It has been extremely frustrating,” Murray told the Guardian.

    “I never expected that things were going to be easy. When I had the operation on the hip I knew it was going to be unbelievably challenging, it just feels that there are a couple of things that have happened this year which have been very unfortunate that have been hard to take but I didn’t expect it to be easy.”

    Murray has proved that the injury is not setting him back at Wimbledon as troops onto round three.


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