Anti-vaccine protestors storm Manchester Covid test centre as thousands descend on London


    Large crowds gathered at the Express Test facility in the city, where they slapped conspiracy theorist stickers on the windows. Police were forced to stand guard outside the test centre as protesters chanted while holding anti-lockdown banners. Further south, thousands of demonstrators also descended on Central London to protest against Freedom Day and the hotly-disputed vaccine passports.

    Conspiracy theorist and vaccine sceptic Piers Corbyn attended the event in the capital.

    Kate Shemirani, a former nurse turned anti-vaxxer, was also in attendance.

    Huge crowds gathered in popular areas including Trafalgar Square, where they held up banners protesting against the use of vaccines.

    Last Monday marked “Freedom Day” in England, which saw virtually all restrictions in the country eased nearly 18 months after the pandemic began.

    Later that day, Boris Johnson announced in a virtual address to the nation that vaccine passports would be required from the end of September for anyone wishing to enter a nightclub.

    It means only those who have received both doses of a vaccine will be allowed to dance the night away in one of thousands of venues throughout the country as part of efforts to boost vaccine take-up among 18-30 year olds.

    But Monday also saw anti-lockdown protesters clash with police in London, pelting officers with bottles – despite the rules being lifted that same day.

    Demonstrators flocked to the capital holding up anti-vaccination and anti-police signs.

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    “Cases are rising, we can see the extreme contagiousness of the Delta variant.

    “But we have this immense satisfaction that the vaccine programme has very severely weakened the link between infection and hospitalisation, and between infection and serious illness and death.

    “So please, please, please be cautious and go forward tomorrow into the next step with all the right prudence and respect for other people.

    “And above all, please, please, please, when you’re asked to get that second jab, get the jab, please come forward and do it.”

    On Saturday, Public Health England (PHE) said a further 31,795 Covid cases had been reported.

    Overall, there have been 46,519,998 first doses of a vaccine administered and 36,953,691 second doses administered.


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