Antiques Roadshow guest staggered at valuation of whisky 'tucked away' in loft


    An Antiques Roadshow guest was overwhelmed at the price of three bottles of Johnnie Walker whisky she had left “tucked away” in her loft for 50 years.

    The spirits were given to the woman’s grandfather in the 1950s when his favourite pub was closing down. The woman showed expert John Foster, who valued two of them at £7,000 per bottle – largely because of the iconic label.

    The third bottle was valued at £1,000 due to damage, reports Liverpool Echo.

    Speaking on the programme, John said: “You know, really, you’re sort of looking at around £1,000 for that one.

    “These ones would be about £7,000 per bottle.”

    Gobsmacked, the guest said: “Oh wow, that’s unbelievable isn’t it?”

    The bottles had been left in the woman’s attic since she her grandfather gave her them in the 1950s.

    Speaking to camera after the valuation at Clissold Park in Stoke Newington, north London, the guest said: “I had no idea at all. I am just chuffed because my grandfather would have been really proud.

    “He picked these bottles up for nothing and they’ve turned out to be something. It’s amazing.”

    Inspecting the items, John had said: “So when you say they’ve been put away in the attic, that’s not great because obviously, you have got some evaporation that’s going on here. So that is going to affect it a bit.

    “The history of Johnnie Walker whiskies is, he starts his own sort of business around the 1820s, 1830s, owning a grocery store in Kilmarnock in Scotland, selling whines and other people’s whisky.

    “About 30, 40 years later, he realised he was missing a trick. He could blend his own whisky and it became almost an instant success.

    “What you’ve got here is three varying bottles, but what’s interesting is the date of them. You’ve got the red label there, which I think this one would date from the sort of 1930s, maybe ’40s.

    “But then the rarer white label is much more sort of 1907, 1908, that sort of period.”


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