‘Bane of gardeners’: How to introduce predators to kill slugs and snails from Mark Lane



    There are many, many methods suggested by experts to kill slugs and snails. The creatures eat prize plants and are therefore not very popular.

    Slug pellets have been a popular method to kill slugs. However, there are better, more natural methods to deal with slugs, which will boost the ecosystem in the rest of your garden.

    Encouraging wildlife that eats slugs and snails into your garden will effortlessly cull them.

    Mark Lane, Gardener’s World presenter recently disclosed a clever beer trick to get rid of slugs. 

    Today he told Express.co.uk: “Slugs and snails are obviously the bane of gardeners, which is why I would say again from an organic point of view, try to get a really good ecosystem within your garden.

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    “What I mean by that is, buy things like bird feeders, bring the birds in.”

    And, it’s not just slugs the birds will eat, they will snack on other pets too.

    “The birds will also then feed off any greenfly or black fly on your plant, which eats your plant,” Mark added.

    Plus, you can strategically hang bird feeders around plants you wish to protect, Mark suggests.

    “If you’ve got greenfly or black fly on your roses, let’s say, hang a bird feeder near them.

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    “The birds will eat the food but they’ll also come down and eat any green or black fly too.

    “You can introduce predatory wasps or predatory ladybirds to get the black fly, greenfly, and any other nasties that are in your garden.”

    Mark also suggested a way to bribe birds into your garden, if you have a strong stomach.

    “If you’re up for it, and you’re not squeamish, you can go out there at nighttime with a torch and a bucket and you can pick up your slugs,” Mark said.

    Mark also suggested nematodes, an easy method to kill slugs that only need to be applied to the group every few months. 

    The creatures are microscopic organisms that eat slugs “from the inside out”.

    Gardeners can order the creatures online, which arrive looking like dried yeast.

    You then mix them in your watering can and sprinkle them on your soil.


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