BBC backlash as corporation blasted for not securing Emma Raducanu coverage


    It has recently been announced that Channel 4 has acquired the rights to show the final live on Saturday night. As well as Channel 4, viewers will also have the choice to watch the match on Amazon Prime.

    But viewers were keen to know why the BBC are unable to show the final containing Ms Raducanu, who has lived in London since the age of two.

    One user tweeted: “Why not the BBC. Did you try?”

    Another user also questioned why it was not on BBC as they said: “Why isn’t the BBC showing the Emma Raducanu match?”

    One Twitter user also took time to question what the need in the licensing fee is for, as they said: “Raducanu’s US Open final clash will be shown live for FREE on Channel 4 – The Sun.

    “So why not @BBC.

    “Remember when it used to be a national broadcaster.

    “Now it’s just a Government PR machine and a repository for a compulsory licence fee.”

    The 18-year-old tennis star is set to play Leylah Fernandez in the final after defeating Maria Sakkar in the semi-final of the US Open.

    But Twitter could not hide its anger for the lack of coverage by the BBC as one user tweeted: “So we can’t see the Raducanu match live on any UK channel and the BBC won’t show it until tomorrow afternoon?

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    Another viewer echoed the views of the previous viewer as they said: “What on earth is the BBC playing at? Showing dressage and golf as their two sports, while athletics and canoeing are on at the same time.”

    During these issues faced by the viewing public, a statement was released by the BBC which read: “A network channel alongside a live stream on BBC iPlayer offers live coverage and highlights – so throughout each day of the Games, this global sporting event is brought to the widest possible audience.

    “Alongside this, there is extensive coverage on radio and digital channels providing a comprehensive mix of live and on-demand action for fans. All the biggest moments, including major medal wins are available to watch again on BBC iPlayer and the BBC Sport website.

    “As the BBC is no longer able to offer live streams of every sport we often have to make difficult decisions about which sports to show live and which to show on delay.”

    The BBC has since told that they had made a competitive bid for the rights to show the US Open final live, however were unsuccessful.

    A BBC spokesperson said: “We’re pleased that this historic match will be shown live on free to air TV in the UK.”


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