BBC Weather: Red warnings issued in Europe as 'violent storms' to batter Italy and Greece


    BBC Weather forecaster Alina Jenkins noted that Italy and Greece will see some of the most turbulent weather. Both countries have received amber and red warnings due to storms. Ms Jenkins suggests the thunderstorms and heavy rain could turn “violent”.

    Elsewhere in Europe, things remain relatively dry with some outbreaks of rain.

    Ms Jenkins said: “We have had amber and red warnings for thunderstorms for Italy and Greece this weekend.

    “It is all tied up with this clump of cloud which has been bringing torrential rain and gusty winds through the southern half of Italy.

    “This risk now transfers to Greece as we head through Sunday.

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    “We could see some violent storms from this system.”

    The forecaster noted that temperatures in the south east of Europe will sit around the high 20s and low 30s.

    Nicosia could see the hottest temperatures with 34C and Istanbul the lowest at 26C.

    On the other side of Europe in Spain, there will also be temperatures in the high 20s.

    “There will be some outbreaks of rain also pushing in from the west.

    “It will also be cooler and wetter across Scandinavia as well.”


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