BBC Weather: Weekend temperatures to plunge in abrupt end to heatwave across Europe


    Temperatures will plummet this weekend, according to the latest BBC weather forecast. BBC meteorologist Chris Fawkes warned that cool air sweeping across Europe will mean the end of the recent heatwave. He said that there is a “change in the weather patterns” across the British Isles and into Europe.

    This comes as the Met Office predicts up to 4in (100mm) of rain this weekend – which is more than the average for the entire month of August (69mm).

    Mr Fawkes told BBC viewers: “We are seeing a change in the weather patterns across the British Isles and also into France.

    “An area of low pressure is starting to make inroads off the Atlantic.

    “That is going to be bringing some heavy and thundery rain and ultimately it will be bringing some cooler air with it.”

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    He continued: “So an end to those high temperatures we have seen for much of the last week.

    “The rain could bring some localised flooding across parts of southern England from Saturday night into Sunday morning when we see some torrential thunderstorms work their way in.

    “Central Europe will start to see some of those thundery downpours extend into Germany, perhaps into Denmark and ultimately the Netherlands, Belgium and France for those pretty big storms.

    “There will be more of those storms to come on Sunday.

    The death toll from the floods has risen to at least 205 across the continent.

    Meanwhile, in the UK, a dramatic shift in weather spells bad news for staycationers hitting the road today.

    The RAC predicts today will be one of the busiest on the roads this year with 2.3million leisure trips being made

    Despite this weekend’s washout, the Met Office predicts a return to warmer, drier weather for the majority of August.


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