BBC's Laura Kuenssberg reveals pensioners face new massive tax hike –Britons erupt in fury


    Amid plans to increase national insurance contributions, the BBC reporter claimed those over the pension age of 66, may now be roped into paying to fix the social care system. After revealing the news on Twitter, Britons reacted with fury over the increased tax. One person said: “But what about Boris Johnson’s personal guarantee in the Tory manifesto to not increase the rate of National Insurance?”

    Julia Knight said: “Haven’t pensioners been paying into the system all their working lives?

    “Many since they were 15 to now. This seems to have been forgotten.”

    Anne Greensmith added: “That makes it even worse.

    “Most pensioners working beyond pension age do so because they can’t afford to retire.

    “So they will now be clobbered with having to pay NI on that much-needed income?

    “The rich pensioners won’t be affected at all!”

    In order to help the NHS catch up due to the pandemic, it is thought the Prime Minister will announce a rise of 1.25 percent to national insurance.

    By doing so, it is estimated the NHS could be given an additional £11-12billion in funding.

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    In 2019, Mr Johnson had pledged not to raise the national insurance rate as part of his manifesto pledge.

    In contrast, vaccines minister Nadhim Zahawi claimed the Government did not wish to break a manifesto pledge but the pandemic had changed the parameters of the economy’s needs.

    Speaking ahead of the announcement today, Mr Johnson said: “The NHS is the pride of our United Kingdom, but it has been put under enormous strain by the pandemic.

    “We cannot expect it to recover alone.

    “We must act now to ensure the health and care system has the long term funding it needs to continue fighting Covid and start tackling the backlogs, and end the injustice of catastrophic costs for social care.


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