Bloating causes warning: Breakfast drink can cause stomach symptoms – Dr Megan Rossi



    Dr. Megan Rossi @theguthealthdoctor is a bestselling author and gut health dietician. She spoke with about how breakfast juice could be causing painful and uncomfortable bloating.

    “Still have your three pieces of fruit a day but spread it across three sittings.

    “Keep them about two hours apart, at least, and opt for whole fruit rather than a smoothie or something like that where it’s already broken down.”

    Not everyone’s body will respond in the same way, Dr. Megan said.

    “There are individual variations for some people,” she explained.

    Dr. Megan recently discussed a number of ways to reduce bloating. 

    Megan speaks about two initial strategies for bloating focused on how, rather than what, clients eat.

    She said: “So, one strategy to really help with stomach bloating is just having smaller meals instead of having two or three large meals.

    “What we find is that eating the same amount but across five meals actually bloating because it puts less pressure on people with quite sensitive bowels.

    “If you’ve got a sensitive gut and you have a really big meal, then comes the bloating. So, small meals.”


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