Boris Johnson POLL: Do you want PM to serve another TEN years and break Thatcher's record?


    The incendiary claim was made by a cabinet minister. Margaret Thatcher was Britain’s Prime Minister between 1979 and 1990.

    The minister said: “Boris will want to go on and on.

    “The stuff Dom [Cummings] was saying about him going off into the sunset was nonsense.

    “He’s very competitive. He wants to go on for longer than Thatcher.”

    The report in The Times came after Mr Johnson announced a controversial National Insurance rise of 1.25 percent, which was followed by a Tory dip in the polls.

    This will fund social care reform, capping the amount each individual must pay at £86,000.

    Do you think Mr Johnson should remain in 10 Downing Street for another decade, overtaking Mrs Thatcher? Vote in our poll below.

    Mr Johnson became Prime Minister on July 24 2019, after Theresa May repeatedly failed to get her Brexit deal through the House of Commons.

    The following December he led the Conservatives to a snap election victory over Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, securing 365 seats in the Commons.

    This allowed Britain to formally leave the EU at the end of January 2020.

    However, the UK remained closely tied to the bloc, and continued to pay into the Brussels budget, during the Brexit transition period.

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    He claimed the Tory leader wants to be “making money”, rather than remain at 10 Downing Street for the long haul.

    Mr Johnson outlined his political philosophy, focused around “levelling up” Britain, during an interview with journalist Sebastian Payne earlier this year.

    The interview was for ‘Broken Heartlands’, a book which examines how Labour lost its ‘red wall’ at the 2019 general election.

    Mr Johnson said: “The level-up agenda is right for the seats in the south.

    “If you’re a liberal, relatively affluent, One Nation Conservative, do you think your long-term prosperity is going to be more effectively secured by building a country where people across the whole of the UK feel happier, more involved, with better life chances?

    “Or do you think it’s going to be better if you just continue with the approach of the last 40 years?

    “The Treasury has made a catastrophic mistake in the last 40 years in thinking that you can just hope that the whole of the UK is somehow going to benefit from London and the southeast.

    “There is potential for everyone, but there isn’t the same opportunity.”


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