Boris Johnson's father pushes for his son's comeback amid No10 chaos – 'A known winner!'


    Despite only leaving office last month, there is speculation that Ms Truss’ predecessor Boris Johnson could stand again in the leadership contest. However, according to PA, the former Prime Minister’s father Stanley Johnson claims he has “no idea at all ” if his son will launch a comeback bid.

    The former Isle of Wight MEP did add that he hoped the former Mayor of London did launch another bid for the Conservative leadership having won the 2019 after pulling out in 2016.

    Despite being forced out by his colleagues only months ago, the 2005 Conservative Parliamentary candidate also insisted his son could unite the Tories after the rows surrounding Ms Truss’ disastrous premiership.

    According to the Independent, allies of Mr Johnson are urging him to stand for the leadership again.

    If he does, it is likely that he will face former Chancellor Rishi Sunak who was defeated by Ms Truss, despite having the backing of the majority of Conservative MPs.

    Supporters of Mr Johnson blame Mr Sunak for bringing about the end of his premiership after his resignation precipitated a series of mass resignations among Cabinet Ministers.

    The former Foreign Secretary is also likely to face leader of the House of Commons Penny Mordaunt who was an early pace setter during this summer’s contest.

    However, the Uxbridge and South Ruislip MP’s return to number 10 would be seen as highly controversial with some Tory Mp’s indicating that they would resign the whip and sit as Independents rather than serve Mr Johnson.

    Supporters of Mr Johnson argue that he has won a general election and has a mandate from the British people.

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    She said: “He is a known winner and that is certainly who I’m putting my name against because I want us to win the general election.

    “Having a winner in place is what the party needs to survive.”

    However, Thatcher era veteran Sir Roger Gale a consistent critic of Mr Johnson told Times Radio that his return could facilitate a wave of resignations.

    He said: “I think that there would be people, indeed like myself, who would find ourselves in the awful position of having to resign the Conservative whip.”

    Under the rules set out by Sir Graham Brady the chairman of the backbench 1922 Committee and party chairman Sir Jake Berry nominations for the position of Conservative leader will close at 2pm on Monday.


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