Boris Johnson's masterplan strikes FEAR in EU – Insider claims Brussels has 'misjudged' PM



    Not only has the EU “misjudged” the Prime Minister but it has also been caught by surprise by the emerging axis between the UK and Turkey. Indeed, with both countries having fractious relations with Brussels, some in the EU have warned Erdogan now has a “new friend in Europe”. Amid this warning, Hans-Jürgen Moritz has claimed the EU must watch the UK’s foreign policy very carefully.

    Writing for Focus Online, Mr Moritz warned the potential for escalation with Turkey is now “considerable”, which may entice Mr Johnson into forging greater ties with the state.

    He wrote: “The EU has reason to observe very closely how London is positioning itself in terms of foreign policy.

    “One of their miscalculations was that the UK would now go its own way economically, but would remain a natural strategic partner geopolitically.

    “The new, purely Anglo-Saxon defence alliance ‘Aukus’ between Australia, Great Britain and the USA crushed this hasty calculation.

    “At the same time, new tensions are developing between key EU members and Ankara.

    “Greece, historically burdened in relation to Turkey, has recently come to know France as a potent armament partner and supporter in the dispute over the sea borders in the Aegean Sea.

    “Where the outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel, who was just on a farewell visit to Erdogan, relied more on mediation, French President Emmanuel Macron dispatches and sells warships.

    “The potential for escalation is considerable, the consequences for the EU threatening, not to mention the endurance test for NATO, in which Greece and Turkey are allies on paper.

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    Mr Johnson met with Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in September during the UN General Assembly.

    While the two countries have looked to strengthen ties, Turkey has clashed with the EU over the crisis in the Mediterranean.

    Turkey and Greece have clashed over Ankara’s exploration for energy in the easter Mediterranean.

    Ankara has previously dispatched the Oruc Reis survey ship to explore gas reserves off the coast of Cyprus.

    Greek forces were put on standby amid the threat of conflict while the EU threatened sanctions against Turkey.

    Emmanuel Macron has also been a staunch critic of Turkey and signed a military agreement with Greece in September.


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