Boy, 14, leads police on 'high speed car chase' through city


    Tactical pursuit and containment techniques (TPAC) include several methods of stopping fleeing vehicles, including rolling roadblocks, use of spike strips and the “box and stop” containment method.

    Officers brought the chase in Haringey, north London, to a successful conclusion by using the “box and stop” method. This method involved police vehicles positioning themselves around the pursued vehicle, bringing it to a slow and gradual stop by boxing the target vehicle in on all sides.

    After hearing the news, people were keen to express their concern online about the situation, as well as their gratitude for the police involved. As one person tweeted: “It’s a good job we have well trained Officers that were able to bring this to a safe conclusion. So, well done.”

    Another said on Facebook: “I think it’s great work by police to keep our streets safe. but how on earth was a child as young as 14 behind the wheel of a car in the first place?”

    A third posted on the social media page: “The police must be praised for their efforts to end this pursuit so safely as it appeared it could have ended so differently.”


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