Brandon Lewis blasts EU's double standards 'show flexibility you keep talking about!'


    Brandon Lewis, speaking on the BBC’s Andrew Marr show, said: “We’ve got to make sure that we are delivering for people in Northern Ireland, that we get the flexibility so that people in Northern Ireland have the same experience as they would anywhere else in the United Kingdom in terms of being able to receive products and goods.” He added that, “now that’s a two-way thing and the EU needs to show the flexibility that they keep talking about”.

    Mr Lewis, the Northern Ireland Secretary, stated that the UK Government would act to “rectify” the “big disruption” caused by the post-Brexit Irish Sea trading arrangements with Northern Ireland.

    Mr Lewis blamed the problems attributed to the Protocol on the EU’s “purist” implementation.

    The Northern Ireland Protocol has meant that there will be a series of new checks and restrictions on goods moving from Great Britain into Northern Ireland.

    The Protocol was agreed by the EU and UK as a way to keep the land border on the island of Ireland free-flowing and ensure agreement corresponds with the Good Friday Agreement,

    It is expected that DUP MP Jeffery Donaldson will become the new party leader at a vote to be held next week.

    Mr Donaldson that his priority as party leader “will be to right the wrong that has been done by the imposition of this Northern Ireland Protocol”.


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