'Can't treat mortgages like Prime Ministers!' Audience member slams Liz Truss on Newsnight


    An Newsnight audience member blasted Liz Truss, saying he blames her and the Tory Government for skyrocketing mortgage repayment and interest rates. It has been a chaotic day for the PM which saw her Home Secretary Suella Braverman resign and disorder erupting in the House of Commons over the fracking vote.

    Newsnight host Victoria Derbyshire spoke to the man, Aiden, about his struggles with his mortgage and his anger at Ms Truss.

    He explained that he was “fortunate” to be on the housing ladder and was currently starting the process of remortgaging.

    Aiden said: “Already it’s becoming clear that the events of the last few weeks are having a massive impact on that, whether its interest rates or other bills that you’re obviously seeing an increase in now, energy bills, fuel bills, everything like that.”

    When asked who he held responsible for that, he replied: “Well obviously it’s Liz Truss, the Government that she’s formed a little over a month ago.”

    Victoria Derbyshire countered that other global problems are having a significant impact on these issues, such as the war in Ukraine and high interest rates in the USA.

    Aiden responded: “I get that and I know there’s obviously external factors that any Government has to deal with.

    “But I think what’s been clear over the last six, seven weeks that she’s been in power is that they’ve not made anything any better.

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    “Actually no, the effects of those mistakes, people will live with that now for years to come.

    “They can’t treat mortgages like Prime Ministers!”

    Newsnight airs every weeknight from 10:30pm until 11:20pm on BBC Two.


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