Car Inspection Checklist: What You Should Know About It

    Car Inspection
    Car Inspection

    Whether you want to inspect your car or want to let a professional check it – you should know what parts are checked and how to analyse them to see if there’s any repair needed for your car.

    Though most car owners immediately notice if there’s any wrong with the car, not all can do it. For instance, anyone who recently purchased the car and has only half knowledge about the car may face problems in detecting the problems. These guys at can assist you in case of unexpected problems on the road. They offer youi roadside assistance when you need it.

    So, to avoid it, you should know how to do the basic car inspection so that you can do it on your own whenever needed and take action at the right time. For more information about a car body shop visit NRC Group.

    Here’s the list of the car parts you can inspect when you think that there’s something wrong with your car:

    1. Brakes

    Brakes are the important car parts that need to be checked from time to time. Because no matter how rich your car is, if the brakes aren’t proper, your driving could become a nightmare. So, to avoid it, you should check the car brakes and their working mechanism. Brakes should act according to the pressure you’re applying on the brake pads. Any abnormality here means you should check it with the best mechanics in Melbourne ranked in 2021.

    • 2. Interior car parts

    Interior car parts include car horns, seat belts, front and rear defrosters, heating systems, and the emergency equipment present in the car. All these parts ensure your safety and protect you from any danger that might happen on the road.

    For instance, the horn lets you tell the other drivers about where you are present on the road and the seat belts protect you from sudden breaks and so on. So, whenever you inspect the car, make sure that these parts are in proper condition.

    • 3. License and insurance details

    A driving license is mandatory if you want your car on the road. Without it, it’s illegal to drive and you could be facing punishment for it. So, the driving license you carry must be present and valid.

    Also, the insurance details of the car you carry must be present with you all the time. And it’s easy to acquire these documents without much hassle. Apart from these, you should also have a logbook (learn here the benefits of logbook service), a roadworthy certificate, etc.

    • 4. Lights present around the car

    There are various lights present on the car that have specific purposes. Headlights make your pathway illuminated at night times so that you can drive peacefully. Taillights are for the passengers behind you to let them know that you’re applying brakes, reversing the car, etc. Emergency lights are when you stop on highway roads, they will help other drivers notice you so that they can avoid accidents.

    All these lights must be in working condition so that you are travelling safely and letting others travel safely. Always test these lights before you hit the road either for the daily commute or for taking long trips.

    • 5. Mirrors

    Mirrors in the car include exterior and interior. The external mirrors are for you to know the passengers behind you and how they are travelling. Inside mirror is for when you want to take reversing or see who anyone right behind you is.

    Make sure these aren’t broken or with any cracks. Repair or replace them immediately if you notice any abnormalities in the mirror.

    • 6. Tires

    The tires of the car must be well-inflated, should not contain small holes, and should have the right tread to have a good grip on the road. If the tires are not working properly, your car could slide on the road when you hit sudden brakes, and it could be a lot more dangerous.

    So, make sure to check the tires by an expert mechanic so that you can know if there are any abnormalities that you couldn’t identify on your own.

    • 7. Windshield and accessories

    The windshield (both front and back) must be clear and vivid with no cracks or fog on it. And the windshield accessories like wipers, window controls, etc., must be in good condition so that you’re protected from the outside dust and other harmful particles. It’s particularly helpful when you driving on a snowy or foggy road where the windshield and their accessories become handy.


    So, this is the car inspection checklist that you should remember whenever you want to do a basic inspection. You should do it in situations like when you are taking the car out after a long time or when you are going on a road trip or when you have travelled a certain number of kilometres.

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