Child abuse victims will feel ‘cheated’ if inquiry not tough on ‘catastrophic failings’


    Victims complained of cover-ups at the behest of powerful establishment figures including senior lawmakers, spies, police officers and school leaders.

    The inquiry, led by social care expert Professor Alexis Jay OBE, has held 325 public hearings with 725 witnesses and processed nearly 2.5 million pages of evidence since it got under way in February 2017. Over 6,000 victims and survivors of abuse also related their experiences to the inquiry’s “Truth Project”.

    Joanne said the investigations “have shown across the board catastrophic failings to protect and safeguard children – not just historically but in the very recent present. There’s no ambiguity as to how serious that is.

    “The only outcome should be and must be mandatory reporting, and very uncompromising mandatory reporting.”


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