Christian Horner makes 'abuse' claim against Red Bull rivals as budget cap twist emerges


    “The damage that does to the brand, to our partners, to our drivers, to our workforce… in an age when mental health is prevalent, we’re seeing significant issues within our workforce. We’re seeing kids that are being bullied in playgrounds, employees’ children.

    “You cannot go around just making that kind of allegation from any fact or substance. We absolutely are appalled at the behaviour of some of our competitors.” Horner then went on to say that he hopes that the process will be completed this weekend after being offered an ‘accepted breach agreement’ which will mean that his team receive a softer punishment for their actions. It remains to be seen whether Red Bull accepts those terms or holds further talks with the FIA in hope that it will allow them to reach a different agreement, though that could be a ‘six to nine-month’ process.


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