Classic car club to help DVLA manage enormous workload of driving licence applications


    The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC) have stepped in to help the DVLA as they outsource certain elements of registration processes. This comes amid a huge backlog of over 1.4 million licence applications.

    “We understand that although there have been increased turnaround times, the DVLA for our sector at least, are beginning to get back on top of applications and have been in dialogue with them now to understand how best we can lend our assistance. 

    “Our focus is always to ensure that historic vehicles that should be on the road are on the road and being enjoyed by their owners and the public as quickly as possible.”

    They have already aided the DVLA with previous projects, including the V765 scheme, which allowed drivers to register a vehicle under its original registration number.

    The FBHVC also dealt with the validation of imports and applications for vehicles of historical interest (VHI).


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    A spokesperson for the DVLA commented on the “positive” partnership.

    They said: “We are pleased that the FBHVC has a positive and constructive relationship with the DVLA’s Vehicle Policy team, and I am keen that this continues and is strengthened.

    “We also now have a dedicated Corporate Services team who work closely with our key stakeholders.

    “When applications for historic vehicles cannot be processed using the usual methods, we consider each case individually on its own merits.

    “If required, we also provide guidance to applicants on how best to proceed with their application if further evidence is required.

    “Applications that may not have all the expected historic documentary evidence are considered taking into account all the available evidence so as to build a picture of the vehicle’s history. 

    “Where appropriate, these vehicles are able to retain their history.”

    Through their constant communication with the DVLA, the Federation has managed to put systems in place to assist the DVLA.

    This also allows member clubs, their representatives and experts on the ground to help assist with the DVLA.

    The delays at the DVLA have been long standing with million still waiting to receive their driving licences, with some people waiting more than 12 weeks.

    There have even been reports of people waiting more than six months to obtain their provisional driving licence.

    Because of the delays, some elderly drivers have been forced to give up driving because of the fear of getting stopped and fined.


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