'Close airspace over Belarus' MP calls for UK to protect citizens – 'not an idle threat!'


    The Conservative Party’s Tom Tugendhat told ITV’s Good Morning Britain that airspace over Belarus must be closed in order to protect UK and European citizens. He added that this would prevent another threat from Belarus in the future.

    The Tory MP told GMB: “There are plenty of things we could do and should have done already.

    “The first thing we should have done is protect our own and European citizens from the possibility of another threat like this and close the airspace over Belarus.

    “Order all civilian aircrafts neither to enter nor to leave.

    “That would mean there were no flights in or out of Belarus.

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    “We really do need to protect our citizens, let’s not think this is some symbolic threat and they would not really shoot it down.”

    More to follow…


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