‘Comes up like new!’ Mrs Hinch fans share £1 hack to remove stains on toilet seat & bowl


    Luckily, Mrs Hinch fans have shared easy methods to get rid of toilet stains. Mrs Hinch is a cleaning influencer with over four million followers on Instagram.

    This is available on Amazon for as little as £1.

    It can also be found in Home Bargains, Wilko, or B&M, among other retailers.

    The Pink Stuff comes as a multi-purpose spray as well as a paste.

    One Mrs Hinch fan said: “Pink stuff takes it straight off.”

    Some Mrs Hinch fans recommended other handy products.

    One person said: “Cif cream.”

    Another person advised: “I found a tiny bit of staining on my toilet seat the other week. So I popped it in some water to soak with a splash of Zoflora, gave it a rinse and it was spotless without any rubbing!”

    Interestingly, one person recommended a household staple item, saying: “Toothpaste works well, put it on and leave it for a few hours then wipe off.”

    Another person added: “Bar Keepers Friend works a treat on this.”


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