‘Complete disgrace!’ British drivers in Spain blame Brexit for constant licence delays


    The “Brits in Spain” Facebook page is continually updating drivers in the UK about the developments in the negotiations and if any breakthroughs have been made.

    In a Facebook video posted earlier today, Hugh Elliott, the ambassador of the UK to Spain, explained what progress had been made with the driving licence situation.

    Earlier this week, he met with a group set up to help advance the interests of those affected by the situation.

    He said he wanted to “hear first hand” how much the inability to drive is really impacting those who have been affected.

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    In addition, the embassy warned Brits in Spain to be careful about scams.

    In a statement, it said: “In addition to this, we have been made aware of some attempts to scam UK licence holders, with fraudulent offers of attaining a Spanish licence in exchange for cash.

    “Please be alert to these scams and report any suspicious, unsolicited offers to the local authorities.”

    One commenter, Sergio Cano Orihuela, said: “This is appalling, this is really affecting my mental health, you have no idea how frustrated I am after these updates (even if I do appreciate them as we only get them on your side).

    “We do not seem any closer to reaching a final solution, we do not even get a further extension to the grace period that allowed us to drive.

    “This is a complete disgrace, yet another consequence of Brexit – not a single person I have spoke to is able to name just one thing that has improved post-Brexit, and this is a clear example. What a disgrace.”

    Steven Barnes, another frustrated driver, added: “What are the two issues and why are these taking so long?

    “After all we are talking about driving licences of people that have passed a test, not nuclear submarines.”


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