‘Could be 30,000 – am not joking!’ Nigel Farage predicts migrant crossing surge on GB News



    Nigel Farage has warned that the migrant crisis in the English Channel could escalate to unprecedented levels. The GB New Presenter told fellow contributors Paul Embery, Arlene Foster, and Dehenna Davison MP that the number of migrants attempting to cross the channel could reach as high as 30,000 later this year. The former Brexit Party leader recently reported from a boat in the English Channel and encounters boatloads of people attempting the dangerous crossing.

    Mr Farage told GB News that the number of migrants attempting to reach Britain could climb into the tens of thousands.

    He said: “[There] ould be 30,000,” and added: “I am not joking!”

    The former MEP has previously expressed his frustration at the British Government’s handling of the growing crisis.

    He has poured scorn on moves to pay France £50 million to France in order to have the French Navy drop migrant in UK waters.

    More to follow…


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