Creating an Ideal Office Environment

    Office Environment
    Office Environment

    1) Easy Access 

    No one likes to feel like a rat in a maze or intern in a concentration camp and nothing paints such a picture of death and despair then long rows of identical furniture. Even low desks contribute to the feeling of being in a cage.

    If you are working in a large, open space, you can try organizing the desks and tables in smaller groups with plenty of space all around. This can make the trip around the office easier and eliminates that feeling of being a sardine in a can.

    2) Break Up Open Spaces

    Noise and simple movement can disrupt the thoughts and focus of your team. This effect can be greatly amplified in cavernous locations. In an open office layout, the smallest activities and noises are transmitted freely through the office and can be very destructive. While cubicles can eliminate distractions, they can also cause employees to feel like a rat in a cage.

    But there are other ways that this can be addressed. Noise and movement throughout these open spaces can be reduced by placing plants, shelves, bookcases, and other barriers between them. A sense of privacy can also be introduced with a large piece of furniture, such as a tall bookcase, or a filing cabinet.

    3) Keep Your Office Environment Clutter-Free

    It is no exaggeration to say that a dirty disorganized office is no good place to work. Disorganization and clutter not only affect productivity and team morale, but they can also pose a safety hazard. Furthermore, it is a terrible message to send to potential customers about your passion for excellence and professionalism.

    Here are some of the steps you can take to declutter the office and improve your environment:

    Invest in storage solutions

    Go wireless if possible

    Corral the power cords

    Hire a commercial cleaner

    Minimize items on your desk

    Provide team members with allotted storage space

    4) Consider Getting An Office Mascot

    When we say mascot, we don’t suggest one of your employees dresses like a ferret or an elephant and tries to raise troop spirit. We are talking about an actual non-human animal that can live at the office or at least arrive at the office each day. Canines and felines are perfectly suited to this type of responsibility, but never underestimate the suitability of hedgehogs, monitors, ferrets, koi fish, and even all manner of slithering snakes.

    It has been noted in studies performed by the American Animal Hospital Association that pets in the workplace reduce stress, improve productivity, and contribute to a relaxed and healthy atmosphere. These are all very important points for making a happy team that will in turn be an efficient and productive team.

    You will need to ensure this animal is well cared for and healthy. This includes plenty of exercises, walks for dogs, proper litter boxes for cats, and good food for all. But the reward is a greater level of happiness and productivity.

    5) Establish Areas For Socialization 

    Socialization is an important part of creating a healthy work environment. This should be designated to a single section of the office, such as the lounge area. This is a place where your employees can take a momentary break, unwind, converse with each other, and gain some inspiration.

    When choosing these locations, prepare the arrangements to allow as many as 6 team members to sit and converse simultaneously – perhaps in an outdoor area. Such an arrangement can transform a small gathering of crew members into a brainstorming for success.

    6) Take Time Out For Your Passions

    Everyone has a passion or a hobby that makes them feel inspired and fulfilled. This could be a pastime like reading or journaling. You will find that these activities can exercise the mind and allow your employees a better understanding of each other, see here. Consider allowing your employees some time to sit and explore common interests and allow their creative juices to flow.

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