Dan Wootton and Stanley Johnson clash over Rishi Sunak’s COP27 shock ‘u-turn’


    GB News host Dan Wootton spoke with Stanley Johnson, the father of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, about Rishi Sunak changing his stance to attend the conference. Mr Wootton speculated that the new Prime Minister changed his mind after Boris Johnson confirmed he would be attending COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, as he said: “The PM seemingly caved after a certain political rival announced he would be going.”

    Rishi Sunak’s original decision to not attend COP27 was widely criticised by climate change campaigners, however, on Wednesday the Prime Minister said he “will attend COP27 next week – to deliver on Glasgow’s legacy” as last year Scotland held the conference.

    On Tuesday, former Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he would be attending COP27 after being invited by Egypt.

    Keir Starmer, the leader of Labour, said the Prime Minister had been acting “in the name of political management” rather than the national interest.

    On Twitter, he wrote: “Caving in to criticism is not leadership. Real leadership is seizing your seat at the table. For UK jobs. For clean energy. For our environment.”

    On Wednesday evening, GB News held a segment about Rishi Sunak’s decision and Dan Wooton sat down with Stanley Johnson to discuss it.

    Dan said: “So Stanely, do you believe this was the right decision for Sunak to u-turn to COP27? Because I actually thought he had made a very bold stand by staying.”

    Stanely laughed at the presenter’s use of the word “u-turn” and said: “Look, I’m not going to accept the premise, but I will accept it was the right decision to go.”

    The former MEP said: “We have a huge stake in this one…we are going to be as affected as anyone else if we don’t get our facts in order…and the other thing Mr Sunak really needs to concentrate on is our reputation is at stake.

    “As you know, we have a situation where a bill has been put forward before parliament, which I gotta say, is a totally crazy bill.

    “It says ‘let us scrap 750 environmental regulations, let us scrap 2000 other regulations, and then we can get ministers to invent some new thing’, other people are going to pick up on that.”

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    Presenter Dan argued with Stanley that Rishi Sunak was not going to COP27 for environmental reasons, and said: “He’s doing this for political reasons because he’s so worried about your son.”

    He added: “And to be honest, I think he should be worried about Boris because I think Boris should be Prime Minister again, and actually if the vote had gone to the Conservative Party members, mark my words, Boris Johnson would be in number ten Downing Street.”

    Dan also spoke about the Conservative leadership election in October, which he described as an “anti-democratic disgrace” and said Boris Johnson had been “stitched up by the MPs” which caused the former prime minister to “pull out of the contest”.

    Stanley said: “How democratic is a Tory party membership of about 160 thousand?”

    He added: “Let’s not revisited this one…we are where we are, Mr Sunak is going to Egypt, that’s an important point.”

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    Mr Wootton also said: “I think it’s important to acknowledge what’s going on politically, because…for the Conservative party, this has been the most torrid of months.

    “And what you have to understand…there’s a lot of people…who are loyal to your son and who feel like they have been denied a vote that was promised to them

    The host continued: “At the same time, in Boris’s statement withdrawing from the [Conservative leadership election], he made it abundantly clear that he doesn’t believe his political career is over, he’s going to COP and he’s also doing some really important work…in Ukraine.”

    Stanley said that “former Prime Ministers do have a role” and said it was “not totally inconceivable” that Boris Johnson may be Prime Minister again but added: “I am focusing on the present.”

    Dan asked Stanely “Do you back Sunak now?” to which Stanley replied “Of course I back Sunak, he’s the Prime Minister…I 100 percent back him, I think he’s saying the right things.”


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