Dan Wootton fumes at 'virtue-signallers' Lineker and Beckham in rant: 'Stay out of it!'


    GB News host Dan Wootton frequently slams the footballers for their political comments and what he deems “virtue-signalling,” but with the November World Cup taking place in Qatar, a country that has also been widely criticised for its poor human rights record, attitude towards women and draconian laws on homosexuality, Dan labelled the three as “preachers” and ordered them to “stay out of politics”.

    Lineker has previously spoken out against the Middle Eastern nation, but next month he will be presenting at the next World Cup to cover the sports event.

    Ever since the decision was made, the former football star and others have been accused of hypocrisy.

    During Monday’s GB News, Dan fumed: “You do not get a bigger trio of virtue-signallers these days,” while referring to the three footballers.

    “I feel like you can’t switch on the television or watch social media without seeing either Gary Lineker, Gary Neville or David Beckham telling us that we should be supporting some sort of course.

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    “Unless it’s from a dodgy regime that they want to take millions of pounds for home!”

    Former TV presenter and comedian Jim replied: “Yeah I know. They didn’t start out as being the sharpest knives in the drawer.

    “These people are brilliant footballers, they can bend the ball round around and now they can bend their moral compasses. Well, I hope they enjoy the Queen’s shilling!”

    “Well yeah, but just stay out of politics, right?” Dan raged. “That’s the point, stay out of politics.

    “Let’s send the protestors round, let’s say, ‘We’re going to glue you to to the road and pour milk on you!'”

    Lineker has addressed the backlash in the past, explaining he is going because it’s his “job”.

    “I get this all the time,” he told The Sun. “‘So you’re not going to go then?’ I’ve got to go because it’s my job.

    “News reporters go, so why am I not allowed to? You don’t have to agree, and I vehemently disagree with the regime, and I’m not going there to cheer it on.

    “I’m not a supporter. We know it was a corrupt bid. We shouldn’t be there, but it is there, and I’ll go and report on it from there.

    “Will I support the Qatar World Cup in a sense of all that? No, because they’ve got too many fundamental human rights wrong. I’m aware of all that.

    “Will I do stuff for Qatar in the World Cup? Absolutely not. Whatever they wanted to pay me the answer would be no.

    “But I will go there and report the World Cup for the BBC.”

    Dan Wootton Tonight airs weekdays from 9pm on GB News.


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