Devil’s Ivy: ‘Less is more’ when watering houseplant – how often to water Pothos plants


    Pothos plants, also called Devil’s Ivy, is a tropical vine plant that has become a well-known houseplant in the UK. It has shiny green leaves and is known for being nearly impossible to kill.

    “Like most plants in winter time, your Devil’s Ivy won’t need as much water during the cooler months so hydrate less often.

    “Pothos plants have a shallow root system, so you’re best to stick to the rule ‘less is more’ during winter when it comes to hydrating.

    “Aim to water lightly around the pot roughly every two weeks.”

    Owners of Devil’s Ivy houseplants should also make sure the soil is allowed to dry out in between watering.

    “Make sure you are misting this plant regularly with lukewarm water and keep away from any dry heat vents and drafts as this will upset it.”

    The expert added that keeping the leaves dust-free is especially important during winter months.

    Jo added: “When dust builds up on the leaves of plants it clogs their pores and prevents them from absorbing light, hindering their ability to photosynthesise.

    “Gently remove dust and dirt from its leaves with a damp cloth – easy!”


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