Disgust as Holocaust survivor, 97, flooded with anti-Semitic messages on TikTok


    Lily Ebert, who survived both Auschwitz and the Nazi death marches, shared a video wishing her followers a peaceful Shabbat (Sabbath) on May 14. The 97-year-old was quickly targeted with a torrent of hateful abuse about what she had been through.

    Mrs Ebert uses her TikTok account as a way to answer viewers’ questions about the Holocaust and share her life experiences.

    Her videos tend to receive tens of thousands of views and likes from supporters who enjoy the content she shares.

    However, the comments on her May 14 video received a wave of hateful backlash from users targeting the survivor.

    Comments included “Happy Holocaust”, “peace be upon Hitler”, “you still alive[?]” and “ask her if she thinks the treatments of Palestinians reminds her [of] the treatment she got in the camps”.

    The hateful messages come amidst the Israeli-Palestine conflict, in which more than 250 mostly Palestinians have died.

    Writing on Twitter, Campaign Against Antisemitism said: “Holocaust survivor’s Lily Ebert’s TikTok account, dedicated to asking questions and sharing answers about the Holocaust, was bombarded during Shabbat with comments praising Hitler.

    “Not one of the TikToks have been political nor mentioned Israel.”

    Just this weekend, MPs and campaigners condemned the increase in anti-Semitic abuse that has been seen throughout the conflict, most notably in protestors carrying signs about the Holocaust and Hitler.

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