Dog owners warned to 'know the dangers' of hot weather as heatwave grips Britain


    Blue Cross is urging owners to check pavements before walking their dogs to avoid them getting burnt paws. The warning comes as temperatures are set to reach up to 30C today in parts of the UK.

    The charity is calling on owners not to take their pets out during the hottest part of the day and to instead go in the morning or evening when it is cooler.

    Blue Cross treated Buster the Boxer for burnt paws after he was walked in the heat.

    Pictures show Buster’s pads which are red and sore and his owner now wants to raise awareness.

    Caroline Reay, head of veterinary services at Blue Cross, said there is a “simple test” owners can do to check before walking their dog.

    She said: “In this hot weather, dogs should only be walked first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

    “A simple test is to take your own shoes off and stand on the path.

    “If you are unable to keep your feet on the path for five seconds, then it is not safe to walk your dog on the pavement, stick to grass or earth paths instead.

    “Buster’s owner was unaware about walking dogs on hot paths and is keen to let other dog owners know the dangers.”

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    Symptoms of heatstroke include heavy panting, vomiting, or red or dark gums and tongue.

    Dogs that are elderly, overweight or flat-faced breeds such as French bulldogs and pugs are most at risk of suffering from heatstroke.

    The charity said owners of cats and small animals should ensure their pets have access to clean waters and move hutches into the shade.

    The current hot weather is expected to continue on Wednesday before temperatures fall later in the week.


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