Driving licence renewals take up to 10 weeks leaving road users confused over rules



    Last month it was revealed the DVLA was struggling to keep up with their own backlog with around 60,000 letters arriving each day. Drivers have even warned the backlog is so severe, road users could wait between six and 10 weeks to get their application accepted.

    However, this could be longer for complex cases such as drivers waiting on medical information to support their application.

    The DVLA said drivers can continue to use their cars while their new forms are being processed.

    However, drivers can only drive vehicles they have applied for on their current application of vehicles registered under previous applications.

    Road users can only still continue to travel if the DVLA has received your complete application within the last two months.

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    Later this month, the Transport Committee will tackle DVLA officials cover the full details of the issue.

    To counter the issue, the DVLA has urged road users to use online services throughout the pandemic.

    Speaking in the Commons last month, Transport Minister Rachel Maclean said online was the quickest and easiest” way to renew a licence.

    She said: “The DVLA’s online services have been available and unaffected throughout the pandemic and are the quickest and easiest way to renew a driving licence.

    She said online tools were designed to be flexible and “easy to use” with drivers able to renew online in just minutes.

    She has previously said: “We want our customers to be able to deal with us in the way that suits them, and our online services are designed to be flexible and easy to use.

    “Our new campaign seeks to highlight the benefits of using DVLA’s online services on GOV.UK which are always the quickest and easiest way to deal with DVLA.

    “By choosing to transact with us online you can make an application with us in just minutes, without the need to send a form in the post.”

    Express.co.uk have contacted the DVLA for further comment.


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