E10 fuel: Drivers criticise fuel economy as prices change – 'it's frustrating'


    The new unleaded standard petrol was formally rolled out on the first of September and is set to affect 95 percent of drivers. The RAC said they do not expect the E10 rollout to adversely affect pump prices as the higher cost of bioethanol has already been included in the wholesale price of the fuel for some time.

    Rod Dennis, spokesperson for RAC, said: “A full nine months of continuous price rises finally came to an end in August, but that’s really no comfort at all to drivers who have been paying considerably more to fill up this summer than last year.

    “While an end to rising prices is to be welcomed, it remains the case that there’s little immediate sign that pump prices are actually going to come down.

    “What isn’t in dispute is just how much more expensive this second ‘staycation’ summer has been for drivers compared to 2020.

    “With so many of us covering long distances this year, the effect of paying around 20p more per litre for petrol and diesel is likely to have been widely felt.”

    The new greener petrol could cut transport CO2 emissions by 750,000 tonnes per year, which is the equivalent of taking 350,000 cars off UK roads.

    With prices expected to be mostly unchanged as a result of the petrol switch, the President of the AA, Edmund King, took to Twitter to ease fears about prices.

    He said: “Despite some of the E10 fears expounded yesterday the price has come down.”

    Alongside his caption, an image read: “AA analysis found that the 2.4p per litre fall in the wholesale cost of petrol since last week was more than 10 times higher than what the Government predicted would happen following the introduction of E10.

    “This negates the new fuel’s lower efficiency, the motoring organisation said.”

    Despite this, some were worried about the long-term price impact it would have.

    One commenter said: “My car is 18 years old so won’t take the new E10.

    “Only one pump giving petrol at my local station, price this morning was £1.35 per litre.

    “The price at 4pm was £1.76 per litre.”

    Another commented: “This E10 petrol scheme is great for the environment, and obviously support it.

    “But as a driver, it’s frustrating that petrol is now fewer miles to the gallon, and yet the price is the same as before.”


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