Early Prime Day deal: Save 58% on the Amazon Echo Buds


    If you are yet to make the jump to wireless headphones, or you just want to upgrade your current pair – the Amazon Echo Buds are a strong contender when shopping for high-quality headphones. Enjoy more immersive sound with these wireless earbuds that actively reduce background noise with Bose Active Noise Reduction so you can enjoy your audio without distractions.

    The sealed in-ear design of the buds also limits background noise as it creates a physical barrier between your ears and the outside world, perfect for noisy tube rides and bustling offices.

    Many of the reviews mentioned the noise cancellation of the headphones being better than that of their competitors.

    One said: “I absolutely love my Echo Buds. I’ve had Apple’s AirPods and these have a much better-rounded sound quality and excellent noise cancellation”.

    The built-in Alexa in the ear buds gives you the freedom to change songs, call friends, or check your calendar all by using your voice, limiting the number of times you need to touch your phone throughout the day.

    If you’re worried about the ear buds not fitting you right, Amazon doesn’t follow the ‘one size fits all’ approach of other wireless headphone brands and gives you the option to choose different sizes so they’ll sit snugly in your ear.

    Having the right size headphones not only makes them more comfortable to wear, but it also helps to ensure they don’t fall out while you’re running or just going about your day.

    Speaking of running, the headphones are also sweat-resistant, so you can get a sweaty workout in without the moisture ruining your headphones.

    The battery life of the headphones is decent, offering you five hours of music playback charge or up to 20 with the charging case.

    This gives you the freedom to charge them once or twice a week if you’re only using them to work out or commute, which is perfect for those with busy schedules.

    The headphones have accrued over 2,800 5-star reviews, with the majority of users happy with the quality of the headphones – and right now on Amazon, you can save £70 on the bestsellers.

    Originally retailing for £119.99, they’ve just been given an early Prime Day discount of 58%, bringing them down to just £49.99.

    You can buy the Amazon Echo Ear Buds while they’re still on sale here.


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