Electric scooters offer 'increased risks' for drivers as the number of accidents 'spike'


    Experts warn the number of electric scooter accidents will continue to rise over the next few years as more devices are used on UK roads. However, they warn there is a “definite trend” in the number of accidents being recorded as rates begin to increase.

    Data from Admiral shows there were 52 registered accidents to date involving e-scooters.

    Admiral warns this may not sound like a lot but is a big difference compared to last year where just 13 were recorded.

    Adam Gavin, Deputy Head of Claims at Admiral urged road users to “understand the current rules for e-scooters” as demand rose.

    They warned drivers could face fines, points, or even have their e-scooter seized if they use the device incorrectly.

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    According to Admiral, there were only two recorded e-scooter accidents up to July 2017.

    However, this has slowly increased as more people purchased e-scooters as a form of transport.

    Between July and September 2020 a massive 25 incidents were recorded, up almost 600 percent on the previous three months.

    Between April and June 2021 there have been 30 recorded incidents of e-scooter collisions.

    “When lockdown restrictions ease across the UK and people start commuting once again, we want to remind all road users to be more alert to try and prevent serious accidents.

    “Motorists need to be aware of the additional E-scooter traffic and be extra vigilant, while anyone looking to hire the devices need to keep themselves and others safe.

    “Before taking an E-scooter out for a spin remember to wear a helmet, make sure you have a valid provisional driving licence4 and double check the rental E-scooter operator has the correct insurance so that you know you’re protected in case of an accident.”


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